St Thomas’ Church of England Maintained Primary School

St Thomas’ Church of England Maintained Primary School -
Celebrating our history as we look towards a new beginning

After 147 years in central Douglas, the Diocese looks forward to a new beginning in a new location. This is an opportunity for two different communities to co-exist, to learn from each other whilst maintaining individuality, and one that looks to the future where all can take a step beyond tolerating difference to genuine hospitality and friendship.

It is widely recognised that the limited facilities and the restricted location of the current St Thomas’ school building are becoming an ever-increasing burden that hinders effective learning and limits creativity and efforts to encourage equal opportunity for all.

Taking the best of what St Thomas’ School has become, and developing this further, the Diocese is excited to support this initiative to provide education for future generations in a partnership on a campus with new friends.

The full statement can read HERE.

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