Welcome to members of Central Readers' Council

Readers in the Diocese have just enjoyed a visit by representatives of the CofE Central Readers' Council.

Gertrud Sollars, Vice-Chair, and Andrew Walker, the recently appointed Secretary, made the customary visit by representatives of the Council to meet the new Warden of Readers for this Diocese. Margaret Galloway, (front row R in photo), a member of Rushen Parish, was made our Warden of Readers in July last year.

When the Council visit was arranged, Margaret also organised a gathering to give all Readers an opportunity to meet and talk with the Council members about general developments and challenges in Christian ministry.  Andrew Walker and his wife Hilary ~ who visited with him ~ are active Readers in Peterborough Diocese; Gertrud is an active Reader and Warden of Readers in Guildford Diocese.

"We've really enjoyed the hospitality here" said Gertrud. "Everyone we've met has made us feel welcome.  They've been keen to show us round and introduce us to the uniqueness of the Island."

Front row from left:
Andrew Walker, CRC Secretary; Gertrud Sollars, CRC Vice-Chair;
Margaret Galloway, Sodor & Man Warden of Readers.
Back row from left: Wendy Heaton, Nancy Clague, Denise Gelder, Paul Bregazzi, 
Hilary Flynn, Charles Flynn, Mike Wilson, Carole Bairstow, 
Hilary Walker (Peterborough), Ellen Halliwell, Rosemary Clarke.

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