Archbishop Sentamu’s Advent Journey: Get ‘In Touch With God’

Archbishop Sentamu’s Advent Journey: Get ‘In Touch With God’  

The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu is to provide a daily online reflection throughout Advent, from Friday 1 December to Christmas Day which will be available from:

The Archbishop’s online meditations are an accompaniment to a book written by Michael and Rosemary Green ‘In Touch With God’ which the Archbishop commended as his Advent Book for 2017.


The Archbishop said: “This is a wonderful book. By looking at the faith journeys of Abraham, Moses, Hannah, David, Mary, Isaiah and many others as they turned to God in times of trouble and in times of great celebration, we too can be inspired by the power of God to bring transformation in our own lives.  By reading this book, alongside my online reflections, I hope that all who read them will discover more of all that God has already done for us and that we will all get to know God better in our responses. Come with me on this wonderful journey through Advent.”

The Archbishop’s video can be viewed HERE

The Archbishop of York's 2017 Advent Book: ‘In Touch With God: Advent Meditations on Biblical Prayer’, by Michael and Rosemary Green is published by SPCK. ISBN: 9780281078127. £7.99

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