Diocese campaign to put crosses in windows during Holy Week

Many will miss the blessing and distribution of Palm Crosses on Sunday.

In line with other Diocese Bishop Peter has spoken about the current impromptu campaign to encourage people to put crosses in their windows from Palm Sunday and through Holy Week.

Commenting, he said, ‘I commend the idea of placing a cross in the window of the home on Palm Sunday, and keeping it there through Holy Week’

Once your cross is in the window, take a picture and upload it to social media if you can, using the handles  #holyweekcross and you can also tag @churchofengland and send it to media@sodorandman.im where will place all the photographs on our Diocesan Facebook page

In our Diocese we are encouraging every Christian home ion the Island to make a cross in the best way they can and place it in their window, leaving it there throughout Holy Week.

It can be of paper, card, wood – be as imaginative as you like! 

Use the idea as a creative opportunity to witness to others about your faith. And creating a cross for your window will be a sign to our communities that, in the cross of Christ, all the world’s ills are healed.

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