Pioneer Ministry is ... ?

Just five weeks ago Bishop Peter carried out his first ordination when Alexander Robert Brown was ordained as a deacon, ready to take up his calling of Pioneer Missioner in Douglas. (This was the occasion.) Alex is curate with St George and All Saints, and his Pioneer Missioner work is in conjunction with the Douglas Churches Town Centre Partnership.  

Alex was invited by Judith Ley of Manx Radio to talk to her about family, faith, young people, pioneer ministry ... and his appreciation of honest talk. What Alex says is very illuminating and Judith has kindly given us a podcast of this interview for those who missed it or would like to hear it again.

You can listen to it on SoundCloud. 

Alex is very committed to helping explain this emerging form of ministry and mission.  He's also set up a website to unpack what a Pioneer Missioner in the Town Centre might do. 

Take a look >> 

The website includes a short video to illustrate what Pioneer Mission is all about. 



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