Caring for creation is an essential part of Christian ministry and mission. Find out more about how we can all be part of Christ’s restoration work for creation on these pages.


Meanwhile climate change grows more and more dangerous to the whole planet, a true horseman of the Apocalypse but it is in these times that the Anglican Communion has the potential not only to be a place of refuge and stability in the world, but a place of transformation, a place where self-interest is converted into service, where fear is transformed into faith,and where enmity and injustice become the love and mercy of the Lord”

Archbishop Justin Welby

Creationtide  : 1st September - 4th October
"The web of life: biodiversity as God’s blessing”.

From September 1 to October 4, Christians around the world celebrate the Season of Creation.

Some pray, some do hands-on projects, some advocate.

We all protect creation. The momentum continues long after the season ends through ongoing prayer, changes in lifestyle, and advocacy.

During the Season of Creation, we live out our faith to care for creation. If you’re new to this
movement, welcome!

If you’ve participated for years, welcome home.

Useful resources to help and support you can be found here ¦ Weblink


UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

The Diocese is now a partner to the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man...

We have pledged to continue to :

  • protect our natural resources
  • develop our economy in a sustainable way
  • support and promote our cultural heritage
  • make our environmental impact positive wherever possible
  • engage with the local community
  • promote our outstanding living landscape and seascape through active
  • involvement with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man
  • UNESCO Factsheet
  • Partner Guidelines


Study Courses


There are a variety of bible study resources available on the theme of caring for creation, protecting the environment and a biblical response to climate change. Some have a practical emphasis giving plenty of opportunities for your group to respond to the Word, while others focus more on the theology of our stewardship of creation or Christ’s renewal of all the earth. You will need to discern which would be most appropriate for your group(s). While each is written with groups in mind, they could also be used for personal study.

Church of England: Creationtide discussion and reflection resources

Daily readings, reflections and discussion questions for the 5 weeks of Creationtide (1st September -4th October)


Tenants of the King: Operation Noah study course

This four-part study series. Through interactive group sessions, video interviews with leading Christian thinkers and insightful Bible commentary, this resource will help you and your church to reflect on the challenges of a changing climate, and how Christians can respond with hope to one of today’s greatest challenges.


Let there be… stuff?

A spirit-filled response to a consumer-crazed world. A faith-based program for Christian teens from A Rocha UK.

6 group sessions for teenagers 2016


Consumer Detox

Seven weeks to detox from consumerism. This course from St George’s Leeds is based on the ideas explored in the book Consumer Detox by Mark Powley.

7 group sessions


Mission and Creation Care for Christian Disciples: John Ray Institute

5 Group Studies The focused on mobilising congregations and churches in living out the mission of God and to see individual lives, communities, and the environment flourish. A core feature of this is to challenge congregations and communities in the UK to change their values from individual consumerism to justice and sustainability both locally and globally.


A more extensive list of courses is available on Green Christian’s website at www.christian-ecology.org.uk/lent-courses.htm

  • Margot and Martin Hodson, A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues, which is more recent (2015) and designed for group study  - it's ten weeks, but sections could be omitted/merged