Growing Faith for Generations

Growing Faith for Generations made appointments to all the new posts early during 2018, following the launch in the Diocese at a gathering in St John's Mill March 2017 in the presence of our guest, Rev Dr Michael Moynagh. 

The Steering Board will provide progress reports twice a year on this page.

From 2014 to 2016 a diocesan team had researched and worked on plans for sharing faith among all ages on the island in the coming years. At Synod in July 2016 it was announced that, in addition to funding from local sources, we have been awarded a substantial grant from the CofE Church Commissioners to help with these plans. “Growing Faith for Generations” (GF4G) is the intent of the diocese and partner organisations, building on the diocesan vision for ‘together, making Christ visible’. (Statement posted in July with summary.)

The GF4G steering board has been established to provide management support for team members and accountability to funders. The board comprises representatives of the Diocese and partner orgnisations and is chaired by the Diocesan Secretary. The board will ensure that elements of the work are adapted appropriately, as and when needed, to provide most fruitful results.

Of the key posts for this initiative, the two Diocesan ones are a Pioneer Minister/Missioner, to concentrate substantially on rural areas, and a Town Centre Missioner to concentrate on .... Douglas town centre mission!

You can see the INFORMATION LEAFLET HERE and read the full original proposal and funding application HERE >>>