Giving with Thanks and Hope

The body of the church is not on hold

Church members everywhere, along with our ministers, are deeply aware of the disruption confronting our entire communities.  We all know that, for some, the Covid19 pandemic has caused the pain of separation from loved ones and from friends and places that we cherish.  Some are faced with loss of livelihood.  And for some the loss of loved ones adds painful grief on top of it all.

Familiar and reassuring patterns have been disrupted for everyone, including the church:

  • Our church buildings have had to be closed for a while, and gatherings for prayer, worship, study, hospitality and fellowship have been put on hold. 
  • Our treasure of receiving sacred bread and wine from the Lord’s Table is on hold.
  • Our thankful offerings of our gifts to the Lord’s work are on hold. 
  • Income-generating TT hospitality and festival events are on hold.
  • Baptisms and weddings are on hold. 
  • In compassion for bereaved families, funeral fees are on hold.


But the body of the church is not on hold…

In faith we are finding various ways to help and support each other. Ministers are tending to bereaved people and conducting funerals. Church members are keeping in touch with their neighbours, and helping lonely and isloated people. We are finding ways of participating in worship and prayer through radio, television and online services. Between us we are sustaining hope and resisting fear.

Across this island in general,wonderful initiatives are being undertaken to raise funds which will support those who are financially hardest hit.

We,the church members, need to do the same for our churches and ministers. Parish revenues have shrunk to near zero - and if we don't resume our giving, the provision of ministry and the existence of our cherished places of worship will expire before our eyes.

Please pray, asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom to know how much your gift might be to help ensure our churches and our ministry will be sustained.

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Here are the different ways to make one-off gifts and regular gifts.