Call to prayer

Call to prayer

Dear Friends,

While the Isle of Man is not in the same circumstances as the UK, we will wish, as Christians within the Church of England, to support our brothers and sisters across with prayer and with love.  For that purpose, we can join with Christians of all denominations who are being invited to join in prayer for the United Kingdom throughout this second lockdown at 6pm every evening.

There are a range of resources available on the Church of England website. There is also a direct link to a simple printable prayer booklet which is intended to be shared across congregations and communities and this can be used online or printed for use by clicking on the image below.

We have also seen the Archbishops’ Letter to the Nation which, to mark the start of the second lockdown, calls for calm, courage and compassion. It can be found on the following weblink.  Again, this may be shared as widely as possible. 

The requirement for Livestreaming and Recording of Worship is a reality again for our friends across, and I draw our attention also to a number of resources and advice for digital engagement.  There are various helpful webinars to assist with digital engagement on the Church of England’s Digital Labs Website

In this time of renewed difficulty for the worshipping life of the Church across the British Isles, let us hold one another in prayer, doing so in faith and in hope and in love.

In Christ

+ Peter