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Places to visit

Among the gems of the Island are active churches all steeped in rich heritage.  Rev Wilbert Audrey’s fictional Thomas the Tank Engine comes from the island of Sodor – a name borrowed from the 12th century Norwegian diocese of Sodor, the Old Norse name for the Hebrides and the Isle of Man.

‘Sodor’ lives on today in the CofE diocese of Sodor and Man.  As with their ancient ancestors, today’s members offer travellers welcome and hospitality – a few also offer refreshments all year round and many for occasions like TT, Southern100 and Manx Grand Prix.  You’ll find “TT Teas” served not just around the course, but right across the island. 

Do you have Manx ancestral connections?  Browse through the Manx iMuseum for family connections, and then make a special visit to the church where their Christening, wedding or funeral took place. 

There are many Christian denominations on the island and the traditional and many newer Manx churches are venues for concerts, art exhibitions and the annual Isle of Man Flower Festival, as well as celebrating Christian festivals and regular worship and providing long-cherished quiet, reflective space.

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