Kirk Andreas Celebrates 200 Years!

On Sunday there will be a glorious celebration of wonderful faith and heritage in Kirk Andreas, with a thanksgiving service at 10.30 followed by a bring and share lunch.

There’s such a rich history of Christianity on the Isle of Man, and Sunday’s celebration recounts the St Andrew’s, Kirk Andreas part of the story. The active members of the church are acknowledging and celebrating the treasured foundations on which they continue to work to nurture faith for today’s generation, and for generations to come.
If you’re one of the many people with historical family connections in Kirk Andreas, do come along on Sunday and celebrate as part of the family.
The Kirk Andreas shared story tells more…
St Andrew’s Bi-Centenary
The first church to be built in Andreas we believe was erected in or around 1000 – plus or minus a hundred years! We certainly know that there was a Rector of Andreas, Deremod, appointed in 1121.AD
By the end of the 18th century, there were many complaints about the meanness and derelict state of the building, and much money was donated by local people to build a new one – not quite enough however, and though the building was more or less completed in 1804, it was not fully consecrated until November 1821 – as it was only then that all the bills had been paid!
We are going to hold a joyous service on Sunday November 28th when – along with celebrating St Andrew’s day, which falls a couple of days later, we can thank God and the generous people of Andreas Parish who have continued to care for, embellish and enjoy our church. We will be rounding off the service with a surprise Bang!
Afterwards we are having a Bring and Share meal – and will be screening a collection of photos or memorabilia of as far back as we can manage. Some from the I-museum, Jean Collister has already brought some wonderful photographs of plays put on in the Church Hall, Sunday school events and some of her own early family photos Bill Betts has also produced some gems.
– and the i-Museum has asked us to let everyone know that they would welcome any gifts of photographs or films. Sunday school outings, fetes, processions, Christmas, Harvests – your parents, grandparents – great grandparents – old photos of outings, happenings, festivities – don’t throw out the albums till what are precious and irreplaceable records are..well, recorded!