Safeguarding & Inclusion

Safeguarding Matters

The Diocese of Sodor and Man takes its duty and obligation to protect all extremely seriously.  This section gives you the information you need to make sure that you protect those who are vulnerable.

Safeguarding Statement from Bishop Peter

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and adults at risk
and protect them from harm.

Safeguarding children and adults at risk includes the following aspects.

  • Emotional harm.

  • Physical harm.

  • Sexual harm.

  • Neglect.

  • Also for adults at risk, the following aspects of safeguarding are included.

  • Institutional

  • Discriminatory.

  • Financial.  

Why safeguarding matters

Everyone has a responsibility to keep children, young people and adults at risk safe.

All groups within the Diocese which come into contact with children and adults should have specific safeguarding policies and procedures in place.

Sodor and Man Diocese PCCs need to make sure that the way their groups which work with children and adults keep them safe and do not place them at an unacceptable risk of harm.

They can do this through:

establishing, implementing and following good safeguarding policies and procedures including safe recruitment

ensuring all staff and volunteers are aware of and follow the organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures

ensuring that all staff and volunteers receive safeguarding training.

Who to contact

Safeguarding Advisor and Coordinator

Tony Connell

Diocesan Safeguarding Support Officer 

Lisa Morris