A Jab and a Thank You!

A Jab and a Thank You!

The vaccination programme on our Island has been implemented quickly and effectively.  As I write, well over 60,000 of us have received the first dose, and almost 80,000 vaccinations have been given in all.

We receive this as a free gift, at no cost and with minimal inconvenience.  That is something for which we must be grateful, but we should not take it for granted without further thought.

How might we say ‘thank you’, particularly in this period when we have been given confidence by the first injection and already have a date for the second jab.  What might a ‘thank you’ be?

A number of charities are giving us precisely this opportunity by inviting a donation to enable vaccines to be delivered to those places which otherwise simply cannot receive them, through poverty or lack of resources.  If you go, for example, to the website of UNICEF or Christian Aid, you will see just how much support you can give through a single donation – perhaps to India, whose people are in the grip of the most terrible suffering and where access to vaccines is critical.  Your donation would provide vaccines, or oxygen, or rapid testing facility, and it would save lives.  How’s that for a way of saying ‘thank you’?  And you could even do it again after the second jab as well!

In Christ,

+ Peter