Appeal from St Saviour’s, Riga, Latvia

One of the churchwardens at St Saviour’s Anglican Church in Riga, Latvia sends the following message:

Greetings from St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Rīga! We have a huge favour to ask all of you:

Each year in Latvia at the end of May we have a country-wide event called “Baznīcu nākts” (Night of Churches) where almost every church hosts concerts, lectures, discussions, etc, and visitors will visit multiple churches throughout the night. Our church also usually displays different exhibitions of art done by our members, and one idea I had for this year would be a wall/display of postcards from many different churches throughout the Anglican Communion!

That way, we would be able to represent not only ourselves on this special occasion, but our entire denomination and your church as well!

It would be fantastic if your church could send us a postcard with a small message for St. Saviours or for Latvia in general written, preferably one with your church pictured if possible. If you don’t have one with the church building visible, any postcard from your parish will do!

We will make sure to display them so both sides are visible and your messages are visible as well. If you are so kind as to send us one, we will send you one back as well!

Our address is: St. Saviour’s Anglican Church Anglikāņu iela 2 Rīga, LV-1050 Latvia

Thank you so much in advance, and we look forward to sending you greetings!

Blessings, Joe Horgan, Churchwarden at St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Rīga

The church website is: