Christian Aid Week 2020 – 10-17 May

Christian Aid Week 2020 - 10-17 May

Christian Aid Week 2020 – 10-17 May

Global events are naturally taking precedent and mean that this year’s Christian Aid Week will look completely different. This year the Island's appeal is to ensure a finish can be brought to what has already been started started from last years generous giving! There is an outstanding amount of £20,450 to raise to complete the current projects underway in Burundi. If you can generously give to support the raising of these funds then please do consider doing so and make a real difference to the lives of those supported by these projects and remember that 100% of what you give goes directly to Burundi.

There are currently two projects ongoing in Burundi with support from the Isle of Man:

  • The Three Leg Beekeeping Project – started off by Harry Owens on his visit to Burundi and the subsequent setting up of a centre of excellence to ensure training is embedded in the community and passed on to the next generation of beekeepers.
  • Isle of Man Government's International Development Partnership – which endeavours to use renewable energy and bring about gender equality and empowerment to increase financial stability and security for subsistence farmers. Further details can be found via this weblink

How to donate:

There are four ways in which you can give generously to these projects:



A prayer which was written for the people of the Isle of Man from the people of Burundi and recorded by  Archbishop Martin Blaise Nyaboho,  Primate of the Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi


To keep up to date with Christian Aid on the Island and the latest news from Burundi visit their Facebook Page