Crozier Group visit the Island

Crozier Group visit the Island

Crozier Conference

The Diocese is pleased to welcome the attendees of the annual Crozier Conference to the Island.

The Crozier group is a network of bishop’s chaplains serving in the Church of England and every year a different diocese hosts the conference; the Isle of Man has the honour and privilege of hosting the event this year.

The role of a bishop’s chaplain is one of the most unique in the Church of England in that a bishop’s chaplain has only one person in their immediate care, the Bishop. A bishop’s chaplain is there to serve and assist the Bishop with the many different tasks that their episcopal and diocesan duties require of them.

Bishop’s chaplains work behind the scenes, facilitating the public ministry of the bishop in a quiet and unobtrusive way. A bishop’s chaplain does not just offer administrative support, although that is of course an important part of the job; chaplains also offer spiritual support by praying the Daily Office with their bishop and also by praying for the bishop on a daily basis.

With such a unique and individual role there is no one else in a diocese that a bishop’s chaplain can turn to for support and guidance; which is why the annual Crozier Conference is so important in the life of bishop's chaplains. It is an opportunity for bishop’s chaplains who have a common shared ministry to come together in prayer and fellowship. Each conference allocates time for chaplains to share in the Daily Office, the Eucharist and to engage in fellowship over meals as well as visiting local attractions. 

The bishop’s chaplains visiting the Isle of Man this year have spent time at Peel Castle, the Cathedral and have also received a tour of Tynwald Parliament and a reception at Government House.

An important aspect of the Crozier Conference is the business part of the event when all the chaplains can come together to ask questions and to share their combined wisdom, advice and best practice with one another.

Please pray for the bishop’s chaplains serving the Church of England .

Fr Ben Bradshaw – Sodor and Man

Revd Paul Cowan – Oxford

Mrs Catherine Williamson – Ebbsfleet

Revd Rebecca Lloyd – Lichfield

Revd Canon Tim Alban Jones – Peterborough

Mrs Nichola James – Liverpool

Revd Peter Askew – Newcastle

Revd Lindsay Llewellyn-MacDuff – Rochester

Revd Roland Olliff – Guildford

Revd Canon Dr Ian Jorysz – Manchester

Revd David Gardiner – Gloucester

Revd Amanda Lees – Southwell and Nottingham

Revd Mark Blakely – Chelmsford

Revd Kay Mundy – Tewkesbury

Revd Matt Phipps – Winchester

Revd Canon Geoffrey Harbord – Sheffield

Revd Simon Bray – York

Revd Canon Dr Martin Gainsborough – Bristol