Diocesan Synod – March 2019

Diocesan Synod - March 2019

Diocesan Synod

The Diocesan Synod was held in the Parish Centre, St Ninian’s, Douglas on Tuesday 12 March. Following prayers led by the Western Mission Partnership and standing business the following announcements were made.


The resignation of the Reverend James MacGowan, Vicar Malew and Santan Resigned and newly appointed as Vicar at Fenham, Newcastle.

The resignation of the Reverend Christopher Lowdon, Vicar Maughold and South Ramsey, announced as Rector, Dollar in the Scottish Episcopal Church

The appointment of Dr Graham McCall Warden of Readers

The retirement of Mr Geoffrey Tattersall QC as Vicar General (From 22 September)

The sudden and unexpected death of Caroline Mockford Provincial and Diocesan (York) Registrar

Presidential Address

Bishop Peter delivered his Presidential Address. | Weblink

The main points being that growth requires a change of attitude of use of resources, time and energies.
A change in our thinking from              

  • Surviving to thriving
  • Maintenance to mission (which includes maintenance)
  • Fearing evangelism to embracing it
  • Decline to growth

The following questions were asked in leading into the Mission Partnership Teams group discussions:

  1. How might you move from Maintenance to Mission, as a parish?
  2. What help might the Mission Partnership give with this?
  3. What might you as a parish offer to the wider Mission Partnership?
  4. Is there another parish within the Mission Partnership that can help you?
  5. How might you draw these points together into a Mission Action Plan, perhaps in Partnership with another church or parish?

Group Session

These group discussions and answer to the questions asked raised the following points:

  • Buildings…major strength of each and strategically use appropriately
  • Skills – how can we share those better
  • Communication in mission partnerships
  • Weary/fatigue – where does the extra resource come from to support
  • Activities in parishes not counted in statistics
  • Social liturgy
  • Groups – compelling attractive – invitational
  • Meeting together – praying together
  • Direct invitational approach
  • Mission Partnership Leaders – affirmation
  • We need to get young people into our churches??
  • Dont be fearful – invite someone to church
  • Context
  • Finances
  • Identified as mission partnerships…

All of these points will of course lead to an ongoing development and dialogue…a new beginning to a new way of understanding each others contexts.

Questions and discussions to be carried forward to the next diocesan synods.

Future meeting dates

Dates of next and upcoming meetings to be held at 7.15pm at St Ninian’s Church, Douglas:

(i) Thursday 27th June 2019

(ii) Tuesday 12th November 2019