Diocesan Walking Day

Warm weather, gentle exercise and relaxed conversation were the main features of the first Diocesan Walking Day on Friday 12th August…

The Walking Day is an idea introduced by Bishop Peter, to offer a way for people “to enjoy the outdoors, meet new people, have interesting conversations, get away from the desk, explore the countryside”.  Eleven people took part on Friday, coming from the north, south, east and west of the island.  The walk was led by Gill Percival, an experienced Isle of Man walk guide and a professional gardener – the garden at Thie yn Aspick, the Bishop’s House, being one she has tended for since 2003.

Friday was a dry, sunny day, and the group rendezvoused at the car park St John’s Arboretum. From there the route took the walkers through the Arboretum, then along the narrow and windy Brack-a-Broom Lane to the Poortown Road, where they stopped for lunch under the shade of the road bridge over the old railway line, using the old platform as a picnic bench.  After lunch the group followed the railway line back to St John’s once again.

“A very leisurely walk with plenty of companionable fellowship and conversation.” is how it was described by the Reverend Mark Radcliffe, presently Vicar of Malew and Santan.

“The fellowship was tremendous, walking alongside each other and getting to know people more” said Joanna Fisher, a member and musician at Michael Parish Church, and part of the Diocesan Safeguarding team. “Walking along together like that gives a relaxed opportunity to bounce ideas off each other; and it can enhance the creativity in our faith.”

When the next Walking Day has been arranged Bishop Peter will circulate details of where and when via all Diocesan Ministers and Officers.