Almanac – 2021-22 Calendar and Lectionary now available

The Almanac is now available for the year beginning Advent Sunday 2021: a complete and customizable calendar, lectionary and collects according to the calendar of the Church of England, for Common Worship and for the Book of Common Prayer.

The Reverend Canon Simon Kershaw has created this very useful Calendar and Lectionary for the past 20 years and this years is now ready with updates.

You can download the Almanac here: Weblink

Customize &
download the 2021–22 Almanac

or follow this link and select the Download tab.

Please do read the relevant download instructions
on the Help tab; these contain advice and workarounds for some common problems.
I very strongly recommend that you create a new empty calendar before importing data; this will enable you to easily remove the data if there are any problems with the import.

What’s new?

The Almanac web page has been further updated since last year to make it even easier and more useful. New features include:

  • the Download tab now shows a live preview of the data
    that will be added to your calendar; as you select options from the menus
    the live preview automatically reflects your choices
  • a new shorter format for subscription links (old-style links continue to
    work as well)
  • in the View tab you can toggle the display of verse numbers
    in the readings, making it simpler to copy and paste passages to other documents
    in the desired format


This Almanac is offered free of charge, and without warranty, but as you might imagine it takes some effort to compile. To make a contribution to my costs donations may be made via PayPal at Alternatively, Amazon gift vouchers can be purchased online at Amazon ( for delivery by email to .

The Almanac has been freely available for over 20 years. There is not and has never been any charge for downloading and using the Almanac — this is just an opportunity to make a donation, if you so wish. Many thanks to those of you who have donated in the past or will do so this year, particularly those who regularly make a donation: your generosity is appreciated and makes the Almanac

What else?

Updates from
the last year include

  • the download page and the daily view have been integrated into a single tabbed
  • the Oremus Bible Browser (which includes the full NRSV, the AV, and the
    psalters from the prayer book and Common Worship) is added on
    another tab
  • Resources tab provides direct links to all the
    official Common Worship texts, hymn suggestions (with links
    through to HymnQuest) and some other liturgical resources
  • the Almanac daily view includes sunrise and
    sunset times, which can be customized to your location
  • on phones and tablets you can add an Almanac icon or tile to your screen so that it is accessible like an app (the Help tab explains how to do this), and you can swipe forwards and backwards
    through the days, and through bible passages in the Bible tab
  • the Almanac is now a secure web page,
    accessible over encrypted https

As usual, the Almanac is available in a number of formats for adding to Microsoft Outlook, Apple
, iPhone or iPad, Google Calendar and other calendar applications. It can be synced from a desktop calendar to a tablet or smartphone (including Apple iPads and iPhones, Android phones and
tablets, and Windows Surface tablets). There is also a csv format, which can be opened in a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

Naturally I hope that the Almanac is free of errors, but I disclaim responsibility for the effects of any errors. My liability is limited to providing a corrected file for import, at my own convenience. Please
help by notifying me of possible errors.