Maundy Recipient Delighted

Maundy Recipient Delighted

Mr Gerry Callister proudly displays his letter from the Queen
and the red and white purses holding the maundy coins

It has been announced today (Maundy Thursday 2021) that Mr Gerry Callister, of Port Erin following a long standing tradition,has been given the gift of Maundy Coins from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, Lord of Man in recognition of his Christian service over many years to churches in Kirk Michael originally and for the past 36 years in the south of the Island.

Commenting on the gift to him from the Queen, Gerry said, ‘I’m absolutely delighted to recieve this gift which came as a complete surprise, but slightly sad that I can’t be in Westminster Abbey in London due to the pandemic.’

The Queen would usually attend the Maundy Service at Westminster Abbey and distriubute the gift of coins to eac recipient in person. The red purse contains a traditional sum of £5:50 which in the past was an allowance for clothing and provisions, formerly given in kind. This year the £5:00 coin commemorates Her Majesty’s 95th Birthday and the 50 pence coin portrays the 50th anniversary of Decimal Day in 1971. The white purse contains Maundy coins; silver pennies, twopences, threepences and fourpences totalling 95p, corresponding  to the Sovereign’s age. All coins are newly minted this year.

Mrs Winifred Kewley is a further recipient on island.