Archdeacon of Man

The Venerable Andrew Brown
Archdeacon of Man
16 Devonshire Road
Isle of Man

T: +44 1624 675430

Archdeacon's Personal Assistant

Mrs Jane Brown
T: +44 1624 675430

The office of Archdeacon of Man has a long history in the Manx Church, and the Archdeacon is seen as second in dignity only to the Bishop of Sodor and Man - indeed, into the 20th century, the Archdeacon sat in the Manx Government, Tynwald.

Even today the Archdeacon exercises a ministry well beyond the church, ranging from dedicating War Memorials to attending Isle of Man National Team football matches and is honoured to have access to all levels of government in Douglas and the Isle of Man.

As Archdeacon the role includes routine inspections of churches (the Archdeacon's Visitations) and working closely with the diocese's two senior lawyers, the Vicar General, Sodor and Man's equivalent of an English diocese's Chancellor (Mrs Clare Faulds) and the Diocesan Registrar (Mr Ken Gumbley) to ensure that Manx Church Law is faithfully complied with.

First and foremost the Archdeacon works very closely with the Bishop of Sodor and Man, the Rt Rev Robert Paterson, in enabling the Church of England on the Isle of Man to find out what God is doing and join in: to enable the local congregation to engage in the mission of God and to offer relevant and engaging worship.

The Archdeacon, like the Bishop, plays a key part in ecumenical relations, and is a welcome guest in churches of other denominations as well as the Church of England.

The Archdeacon also chairs some key diocesan committees, and is a member of all of them.

Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)

The Archdeacon of Man chairs the Diocesan Advisory Committee. The Committee is there to advise parishes on building matters, particularly with regards to the need for a Faculty to undertake major works (e.g. anything costing more than £7500 and some things which cost less), and the DAC advises the Vicar General, who issues most faculties, on the merits of each case.

The Archdeacon should be the first port of call concerning all but the most minor of works to church buildings and burial grounds, and he will advise the parish as to which permissions are needed (he can issue Certifciates and Faculties for some works and some works may be exempt) and he will tell you with whom you need to consult e.g. Manx Heritage, the Conservation Officer or one of the DACs experts, etc.

For full details of the Faculty Application process please see the Diocesan Registry's website

We strongly advise you to consult the Archdeacon about projected works before you have even passed a PCC resolution (although after initial discussions in PCC and a general agreement in principle).

The paperwork for a DAC Certificate (ie the 'Application for DAC Advice' which is the first stage in obtaining a Faculty) can be found HERE. As well as submitting an electronic copy, 2 hard copies of all papers should be sent to the DAC Secretary: one will be filed with the DAC, and the other will be returned to the applicant and MUST be used when applying for a Faculty.

The dates for the DAC meetings in 2017 are:

11th January

1st March

3rd May

19th July

6th September

8th November

Applications need to be with the DAC Secretary ( by the 15th of the previous month.

DAC membership:
Chair: The Venerable Andrew Brown, Archdeacon of Man
The Revd Canon Clive Burgess
Mr Gerry Callister
Mr Ernie de Leigh-Runciman
Mr Steve Hamer
Mr Alan Leece
Mr Geoff Sharpe

Secretary: Mrs Michelle Barwood (non-voting)

Property Committee

The Archdeacon is also Chair of the Diocesan Property Committee. Since 1 January 2013, the Diocesan Board of Finance (of which the Archdeacon is co-Vice Chair and co-Chair of its Executive Committee) has responsibility for the care and maintenance of Vicarages, previously held by the PCCs.

The Property Committee is a sub-committee of both the Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF) and the Church Commissioners for the Isle of Man, plus some of those who actually have to live in the parsonages, co-opted by the Archdeacon and the Bishop.

This means that the Archdeacon is now the first port of call as regards all parsonage repairs costing more than £1,500. All works costing between £1,500 and £10,000 have to be agreed in detail with the Archdeacon BEFORE a contractor is engaged, regardless of who is paying the bill. Works costing more than £10,000 will have to go to a full meeting of the Property Committee. All paperwork (quotations, architects drawings, photographs, PCC resolutions etc. to be with the Secretary ( at least 10 days before a meeting.

Most of our current housing stock is not entirely compliant with the Church of England's guidelines, 'Parsonages: A Design Guide', commonly referred to as The Green Guide which you will find HERE

We are seeking to bring our parsonages up to this standard, and to recognise certain principles agreed across the Church of England:

• That under Common Tenure, stipendiary incumbents have a right in law to a certain standard of housing.
• That in the interests of fair play and natural justice amongst our stipendiary Incumbents (i.e. Vicars) this standard has a minimum and a maximum standard.
• That we have to be able to afford this housing as a diocese and we need to steward our precious resources (the clergy) and our material resources (the housing stock) well and wisely.

The Handbook 'A Guide to Living in a Parsonage' is published (November 2013)

The Property Committee membership:

Chair: The Venerable Andrew Brown, Archdeacon of Man
The Reverend Canon John Coldwell
Mrs Sue Waring (Church Commissioners)
Mr Steve Hamer (Church Commissioners)
Mr Julian Power (DBF)
Mr Charles Wilson

Secretary Mrs Michelle Barwood (non-voting)
The Diocesan Surveyor is also in attendance at our meetings

Grants for Church Building Work

The Archdeacon also chairs the Squire Trust, which comprises of the Archdeacon and the Rural Deans/Mission Partnership Leaders. Each parish church may make an application for a small grant towards building work in each year.

Applications in writing to the Archdeacon by 30th July each year.

Diocesan Organ Adviser

The Diocesan Adviser for all matters involving church organs is Gareth Moore who can be contacted on email at