Covid Update 27 January

Dear Friends,

This comes, with greetings of the New Year and in gratitude for all that you are doing, to confirm that we can now return to serving refreshments after worship and on all other occasions in Church.

With infection rates falling, lower hospitalisation, and with the continuing reassurance provided by LFTs, this is now a reasonable and positive step to take.  It can be implemented with immediate effect.

Additionally, in line with wider practice and policy across our Island, the wearing of face-masks in Church is now entirely a matter for personal preference in the light of local circumstances.  We continue to be mindful of others and to acknowledge that there will be different perspectives in this regard, and most of all we rejoice that we are seeing the beginnings of the return to what we recognise as normal worship.  Similarly, whether to receive communion in one kind or in both kinds, and how we wish to share the peace, are personal choices which we can make for ourselves, with consideration of the needs of others.

With prayers for your ministry and with warmest good wishes.

✠ Peter