Admission and Licensing of Readers at St Ninian’s

St. Ninian’s Church in Douglas, Isle of Man, became the backdrop for a heart-warming service of Evening Prayer presided over by The Right Reverend Peter Eagles, the Bishop of Sodor and Man. The purpose of this gathering was to license and admit Steve Hull and Chris Wildman as Readers and to extend a warm welcome and license to Jo Hartley as a Reader within the church community. 

New Beginnings for Steve Hull and Chris Wildman

The service commenced with a profound sense of reverence as The Right Reverend Peter Eagles extended his blessings and officially licensed Steve Hull and Chris Wildman as Readers in the church serving at St Thomas’, Douglas and the Sunday at Ten, Governor’s Hill. Readers play a vital role within the church, assisting in the proclamation of the Word of God, fostering spiritual growth, and contributing to the nurturing of the congregation’s faith.

The licensing of Steve Hull and Chris Wildman not only symbolizes their commitment to the spiritual welfare of those whom they will serve but also signifies a new chapter in their faith journey. 

A Warm Welcome to Jo Hartley

In addition to licensing Steve Hull and Chris Wildman, the service was made even more special by the welcoming and licensing of Jo Hartley as a Reader. Her presence within the congregation is undoubtedly a source of joy and inspiration for those she will serve in the north of the Island.

Jo Hartley’s journey as a Reader promises to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to the church community. As an experienced Reader, Jo will serve as a beacon of faith and hope, nurturing the spiritual well-being of the churchgoers and contributing to the vibrant religious tapestry of Christianity in the north of the Island.

A Memorable Evening in the Isle of Man

The service of Evening Prayer held at St. Ninian’s Church was not only a solemn occasion but also a joyous one. The gathering of the congregation, led by The Right Reverend Peter Eagles, underscored the significance of faith, community, and the commitment to nurturing spirituality in the modern world.

As we reflect on this special evening at St. Ninian’s Church in Douglas, we are reminded of the enduring power of faith and the profound impact it has on individuals and communities. Steve, Chris and Jo are all excited to embark on this new chapter, filled with the promise of spiritual growth, unity, and shared devotion.

May they be be a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance for the congregations in which they will serve and may those communities continue to flourish in faith, love, and unity.