Exciting Pioneering News

Since inception just over three years ago work on the Pioneer Church project (under the legal cover of St George and All Saints), has continued and this week a significant and exciting milestone has been achieved.

Bishop Peter and Rev Alex Brown signed a new Bishops Mission Order to create a legal instrument that means Pioneer is now a church group in its own right.

This is a huge step and a great moment for this new group of communities of faith.

If you are interested in what’s going on, you can explore their website (www.pioneer.im).

Alex Brown says, “We’ve been working toward this for such a long time, with a lot of help from the diocese. It’s a really exciting moment and it communicates to those involved that the Church of England here on the Island is truly behind what we are doing in being church in a new and dynamic way.’

Alex went on to say, ‘I’d like to thank a few people who’ve helped us get to this point. Ken Gumbley for the legal bits, Irene Cowell for her direction and Andie Brown for his encouragement and to Bishop Peter for supporting the vision of pioneer ministry.’

There are already a number of small groups congregating, and it is hoped to continue to gently grow these new communities of faith across Douglas.

Please do pray for all involved in Pioneer to follow God’s leading.