Interim Minister arrives to serve in north-east of the Island

The Revd Dr Glynn Jones, together with his wife Liz, arrives on the Island on 02 August.  Glynn will be serving as Interim Minister in the parishes of Bride, Lezayre & North Ramsey and Maughold & South Ramsey, looking after our congregations in these vacant parishes until the end of November.  By way of introduction, Glynn writes:

I am delighted to be seconded from the Diocese of Carlisle to the Diocese of Sodor and Man between August and November. Even prior to our arrival, we have been made to feel warmly welcome. Thank you! You may, however, be wondering ‘who is this fella – and why is he coming’?

I am Glynn, and my wife is Liz. We have a Schnoodle dog who dominates our household. Her name is Minnie. We are the parents of two grown-up boys, Andrew and Oliver – and one, delightful, teenaged granddaughter, Grace.

All of my ministry has been in chaplaincy. Since retirement from HM Prison Service in 2016, I have been Chaplain to Chaplains in the Diocese of Carlisle. Prior to that, I served for nearly 40 years full-time in prisons, working in nine jails of various security, age and gender categories.

So, I come to you as a community chaplain, rather than a temporary vicar. And what can you expect from your chaplain? You can expect to see me out and about (a lot). You can expect me to visit. You can expect me to join you in worship. You can expect me to speak of Jesus. Most of all though, you can expect me to love and care for you. Indeed, that is the specific brief I was given from Bishop Peter … simply to “love and care for the community”, without the burdens of administration and ecclesial politics that come with being a vicar. What a privilege!

From 2 August Liz and I (and Minnie) will be based at Mountain View, Gardeners Lane, Ramsey, where we look forward to seeing and serving you.