Second Anglican Intercultural Mission Conference

This dynamic conference, set against the backdrop of the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21), promises to be an enlightening experience for all participants. It is believed that this event will provide a unique platform for dialogue, collaboration, and reflection on how we can enhance our collective efforts in fostering intercultural mission within our Church.

The conference agenda is designed to address key challenges, share best practices, and inspire innovative approaches to engage with diverse communities. Participants will learn how to advocate for racial justice, promote global cultural awareness, champion God’s great commission to all nations, and encourage rehearsals for heavenly worship. The conference will also see the  launch of an intercultural mission learning community.

To book please follow this LINK

Please note that the conference will provide breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. However, those attending will need to independently book their accommodation and supper. Hotel recommendations will be sent when bookings are acknowledged.