A Consultation, and a New Appointment

A Consultation, and a New Appointment

The Climate Change Bill Consultation is now complete.  Responses were due by 01 September: a suitable date, heralding a new month and the gradual evolution of one season into another.  The responses to the Consultation will now be collated and analysed and will play their part in shaping our Government’s response to the crisis of environment and ecology that our world faces.

The Consultation was completed on behalf of the Diocese by our new Diocesan Environmental Officer, Dr Henry Uniacke.  Henry is well-known on the Isle of Man.  He has a wide-ranging interest in the visual arts, having been coordinator and photographer-in-residence at the Sayle Gallery, co-curator of the ‘Awakening’ Exhibition of the Methodist Modern Art Collection, and a contributor to the constantly evolving work of spiritual art that is our Cathedral Garden.  But most of all he is known and respected for his commitment to renewable energy.  Henry brings his academic expertise in this area to bear upon his work as a lobbyist, blogger and campaigner for environmental transformation, and he has been at the forefront of encouraging the Government to adopt a stronger commitment to carbon-neutrality. 

I am hugely pleased that we can call upon Henry’s wisdom and experience.  Building on the foundations laid by Cheryl Cousins, and working with our parish eco-reps and other partners, he takes on the role of Diocesan Environmental Officer with an initial brief to start us on our pathway, between now and the end of 2021, towards the carbon-neutral target of 2030, given to us by General Synod and endorsed by our own Diocesan Synod.  This is, as we know, a very challenging aspiration indeed, and if we can achieve this as a diocese we will be setting a compelling example to wider society.  I ask us to pray for Henry as he supports us towards this goal, and I ask us also, in our parishes and churches, to make best use of the expertise that he brings.

Henry is available on henry.uniacke@sodorandman.im


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