Ride & Stride 2022

Ride & Stride 2022 takes place on Saturday 17 September from 10:00am to 6:00pm.


This is is a wonderful community opportunity for a fun day out and we are asking if you would encourage your colleagues, in your Mission Partnership, to take part in this opportunity. It offers both a fun day out to members of your wider community (there’s a treasure hunt element) and the chance to raise much needed funds for your church.  Any form of transport can be used and you might like to encourage less mobile folk to share a car.

We would also like to encourage the idea of pilgrimage by offering a venue that people could end up at.  It would be great if there could be one venue in each Mission Partnership.  Each place could decide what they would like to offer – it could include afternoon tea, or baked potatoes, or activities for children, or a film…

There are various ways to be involved; It is hoped all churches could do the first two.

a) Display a symbol which will be provided for you (A6 in size), so it is clearly visible from outside the church (eg attached to the inside of a window, facing outwards).  We will be asking those who are riding or striding to complete a treasure hunt form by filling in the symbols/letters they find at each church, with prizes for those who collect the most.  The symbols should be in place from the morning of Saturday 10th September until the evening of Sunday 25th September.  The reason for keeping the symbols up for two weeks is to enable families to have a longer opportunity to cover the whole Island, but the main focus will be on Saturday 17th.

b) Encourage people to take part, particularly those in the community who don’t come to church much, maybe including the local school.  For those that are less mobile, encourage a car share outing.  Last year one person used her mobility scooter.  We have yet to have a horse and rider.

c) Be open for toilets and to fill water bottles, preferably from 10:00am until 6:00pm on Saturday 17 September.

d) Provide refreshments

Rosemary Clarke, Organiser of Ride & Stride would like to be able to put the information about which churches are offering which services on the maps which the Government has provided so if you could confirm to her by the 14 August that would be greatly appreciated.