Clergy Well Being


Confidential Telephone Counselling - St Lukes Healthcare

The Diocese is pleased to offer a free confidential telephone counselling service via St Luke’s Healthcare.

Telephone counselling is offered for those who seek support and may find it difficult to attend face-to-face sessions. The telephone counselling service is operated by Burrswood Counselling Services. Burrswood has considerable experience of dealing with the issues faced by the clergy and provides a quickly accessible, confidential service.

St Luke’s will fund up to 12 sessions of telephone counselling for members of the clergy or their immediate family. This counselling is arranged through St Luke’s, so please do so via one of the following:

Please note that the counselling can be arranged without anyone from the Diocese or HR knowing about it, and is completely confidential.


Confidential Face to Face Counselling - On Island

In addition if the clergy would prefer to have face-to-face on Island counselling then this can be arranged.

Please contact Cat Macdonald on or 07598 956290 for more details. 

Please rest assured that whilst our HR Officer will obviously know who is making this request she has been instructed not to share such details with anyone else. Such a request is in strictest confidence and neither the Bishop, nor the Bishops office would be advised.  This management of the referral process is purely for monitoring means to understand how many sessions are being requested and funded.


Clergy Transitions Service – Church of England

The Clergy Transitions Service (CTS) provides free, confidential, personal support for Clergy who are at a vocational crossroad, or who are looking for a fresh opportunity.  The CTS caters for all backgrounds and traditions in the Church of England – from Clergy currently in parochial posts, sector ministry, new forms of church and mission agencies, as well as ordained people currently employed or engaged in contexts other than the church. It is open to those currently serving in self-supporting posts, who are seeking a stipendiary role.

As well as practical help with developing a personal profile, job applications, and interview skills, the service can work with individuals to develop a deeper understanding of their strengths and talents. By encouraging participants to develop greater self-awareness, reflect on personal values and think prayerfully about context and culture CTS can support the process of transition.

The CTS opens access to a wide range of resources to support a lifelong, fulfilling service to the Church, including access to a network of practitioners inside and outside the Church.  Details can be found here.