Human Resources

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Foreword from Bishop Peter

  1. Introduction
  1. Terms of Service Handbook
  1. Housing
  1. Finance Matters
  • A link to the Treasurers useful information page can be found here 
  • Expenses
  1. Training and Development
  1. Leave
  1. Welfare and Welbeing
  1. Pension
  • Link to Church of England Pensions information is here
  1. Policies and Procedures
  1. Other matters and useful information links 
  • Respondent in Employment Tribunal proceedings - The respondent in any proceedings is the Sodor and Man Diocesan Board of Finance.
  • Informal support or conversation - Pastoral care and support is available from the Archdeacon and the Bishop. In addition, the Bishop has appointed others who are available to talk to, or to seek spiritual help from, and will offer pastoral care and support where it is desired, either to clergy spouses or to clergy.
  • Parish Safeguarding Handbook
  1. Contacts
  • Key contacts can be found via the home page, top right
  1. Appendices